Sitsongpeenong Muaythai Camp
Muaythai Instructor Certification Course

The Muaythai Instructor Courses are held twice a year in May and October..

The next Muaythai Instructor Course will be held from 13 – 27 May.

The Sitsongpeenong Accredited Muaythai Instructior/Trainer Certification Course is an intensive 15 day course taught by 10 experts in their fields of Muaythai. It includes 15 subjects taught over 120 hours that covers all aspects of the sport a person seeking to be a qualified Instructor/Trainer should possess.

The dates for the Muaythai Instructor/Trainer Certification Course will be from from 13 – 27 May, 2019. All participants must stay at the camp and need to arrive for check in by 12 May. The first day of the course will commence at 08:00 am on 13 May. The final assessment, graduation and farewell dinner will be held on 27 May.

The cost of the course will be $1,850 USD or 60,000 baht plus accommodation. We will accept a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 persons only to register and to participate in each class.

For ALL PEOPLE wishing to book for the May Instructor Course. Pleased be advised of the following conditions:

1. We require a MINIMUM NUMBER OF CONFIRMED BOOKINGS FOR 5 PERSONS for the Instructor Course to Proceed. We will be accepting a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 persons per class.

2. We advise ALL persons wishing to make a confirmed booking NOT to purchase their air tickets UNTIL WE ADVISE/CONFIRM with them by 15 April if the Instructor Course will proceed as scheduled. This way NONE of the confirmed participants will have paid for their air tickets in advance.

3. We require all persons to pay a 25% deposit in order to make a confirmed reservation for participation in the course including accommodation. The cut off date to register for the course and make a confirmed booking is 15 April, 2019.

4. If we do not have confirmed bookings for 5 persons by the cut off date. We will refund all deposits paid in full to everyone who made a confirmed reservation for the Muaythai Thai Instructor Course. If the Instructor Course must regretfully be cancelled due to lack of numbers we will send each person some 2PN products as compensation to express our apologies.

5. The 2 Muaythai Instructor Courses we hold each year during the months of May and October are during LOW season across the world. Thus it will NOT AFFECT THE COST of air tickets for if people to PURCHASE THEIR AIR TICKETS PRIOR TO OR AFTER THE confirmation deadline.

The price of accommodation will depend on whether the students wants to stay in a single or twin share room. The cost of a 15 day stay is:
Single room – 15 days x 1,950 baht/day = 29,250 baht + 7% VAT = 31,297.5 baht
Twin room – 15 days x 1,350 baht/day = 20,250 baht + 7% VAT = 21,667.5 baht

So the total cost for the course plus accommodation should be around:
Single room – 60,000 baht + 31,297.5 baht = 91,297.5 baht or $2,820 USD
Twin share room – 60,000 baht + 21,667.5 baht = 81,667.5 baht or $2,520 USD

This will also include:
– Airport transfers for arrival and departure
– Course Materials
– Muaythai Gear Package (shorts, shirts, hand wraps, gloves, shin guards, mouth guard)
– Visit the Muscle Factory Gym for classes on 2 days including Transportation
– One excursion to Ayutthaya Province and Historical City
– Trip to 1 event at Lumpinee Stadium including transportation (observation)
– Trip to 1 event at Rajadamnern Stadium including transportation (for pre fight preparation and cornerman skills training)
– Trip to 1 event at Chanel 7 Stadium including transportation (for judging assessment)
– Farewell dinner

Course Instructors

Photo - Director Worrasak
Mr. Worrasak Pakdeekam
Director Board of Boxing Control, Sports Authority of Thailand. Referee/Judge at Ra-jadamnern Boxing Stadium
Photo - Professor Anek Hongtongkam
Professor Anek Hongtongkam
Former Chairman of Ring Officials for Channel 7 and WBC Muaythai

Mr. Alex Tsui
Worlds foremost expert on the history of Muay Thai.
Photo - Dr. Sawang Vithayapitaks
Dr. Sawang Vithayapitaks
Executive Committee of Rajaphat Muban Jombeang University Ph.D Muay Thai Studies and Head of department of Muay Thai Studies
Photo - Ajarn Monlit Sitphodaeng
Ajarn Monlit Sitphodaeng
Head Trainer at Sitsongpeenong Muaythai Camp. Trainer of multiple Champions (30+ years of experience)
Photo - Ajarn Jakkrit
Ajarn Jakkrit Fairtex
Veteran of over 300+ fights. Trainer of multiple Champions (25+ years of experience)
Photo - Ajarn Phaniang Poontharat
Ajarn Phaniang Poontharat
Veteran of over 170+ Amateur boxing fights and 30+ Professional Boxing fights. Former world ranked #2 WBC and #3 WBA. Trainer of champions (15+ years of experience)
Photo - Sagat Porntavee (Petchyindee)
Sagat Porntavee (Petchyindee)
Former 3x Lumpinee Stadium and 3x Rajadamnern Stadium Champion. Multiple Muay-thai and Kickboxing World Champion. Voted Best exponent of Wai Kru at both Lumpi-nee and Rajadamnern Stadiums 11 years in a row
Photo - Mr. Bart Van Der Molen
Mr. Bart Van Der Molen
Nutritional Scientist. Former Mr. Universe 2004. Specialist strength and conditioning coach. Over 30+ years in the gym and fitness industry
Photo - Mr. Richy Alvarez Huerta
Mr. Richy Alvarez Huerta
Holds a Masters Degree in Sports Science. Works predominately with combat sports athletes. Professional Muaythai Fighter
Photo - Mr. Timothy Dharmajiva
Mr. Timothy Dharmajiva
Founder and Manager of Sitsongpeenong Muaythai Camp. Over 30+ years experience in the sport of Muay Thai

This is a 15 day course running from Nov 12th to Nov 26th.

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