Located on the tropical island of Phuket 400m from the exotic Surin Beach, our brand new Sitsongpeenong Gym will set a new standard for training on the International Muay Thai scene.

We have gathered an unparaelled group of Muay Thai trainers all with their own special skill set and experience. The gym limited the number of guests at any one time to ensure the quality. nutritional advice and strength and conditioning training are also available.

Sagepetch described in his peak as one of the hardest kickers in Muay Thai. Sagephet fought in the k1 Max in Japan as well as winning the prestigius Lumphinee Title belt in two weight divisions and one of the very few people to also win the Rajadernman Stadium Belt.

Sayannoi Champion of Thailand and 2x Lumpinee Champion, is one such trainer taking up residence beneath the Sitsongpeenong roof. Sayannoi has fought the superstars of Muay Thai the likes of Saenchai, Anuwat, Bovy, Nong B and Thongchai Sor Silachai

Yodvisanu himself a WMC World champion and one of the famous five of Fairtex with Yodsanklai, Attachai, Narapol, Kaew. Yodvisanu has had major success as a trainer in Japan having trained Masaaki Nori to win the Japanese k1 Max and produced 5 Japanese Muay Thai Champions in his time there.

Pettawee Sor Kittichai a complete fighter without doubt one of the biggest names in Thailand in the past 10 years having dominated Thailands toughest weight division for a long time. Pettawee has fought at the highest level with highlights including Knock out wins of Sam A, Nong Beer and Parkon. Pettawee was Champion of Thailand, Rajadernamn Champion and s1 WMC World Champion.

Sakultong is a veteren of more than 200 fights, up until 2013 he was fighting exclusively in Bangkok for Kiatkthantom Gym (knee specialist gym). Sakultong now finished his university degree and still fights occasionaly in Phuket.

Pentai Singpatong is two times Channel 7 Champion and has a very exciting style. Penati was also 2x Lumphine Champion and Champion of Thailand.

Hansuk is a very popular trainer in the camp. A master of all classic stale and boxing. Hansuk won both WBC and WMC World Titles, Lumphine Champion x 2, Rajadernman Champion and 2x Channel 7 Champion

Chingchai is still fighting in Thailand and abroad. and previously fought on Channel 7 and Lumphine.

We have top class accommodation on site and 400 metres from Phukets most beautiful beach Surin Beach.

To make sure the trainer-to-fighter ratio stays high, we have created a cap on the number of students that are able to train at Sitsongpeenong Phuket at once. This is done to ensure quality over quantity, while guaranteeing an improvement in fitness, technique, and overall skill level.

Both experienced and beginner guests are welcome in Sitsongpeenong. We would love to have you become a member of the Sitsongpeenong family. Often people come for a month to change the routine from home, get into shape and enjoy the great lifestyle available in Thailand.