World champion Walter Goncalves wins Mx Muay Extreme Championship

Walter Goncalves is a young man from Brazil that is fast becoming a household name in Thailand.

Walter the son of a Muay Thai trainer in Brazil has been training Muay Thai since he could walk. After finishing school Walter moved to Thailand with the dream of becoming one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world.

After trying some other camps Walter has decided Sitsongpeenong Phuket has the best Muay Thai training to help him reach the next level.

Walter is trained by a number of trainers at Sitsongpeenong but his mentor and main trainer is Sagadphet.

Sagadphet is one of the best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand and sort after all over the world for training seminars.

Sagadphet himself was a Muay Thai superstar having won both Lumphine and Rajadernman Stadium belts. Winning the Lumphine championship twice, once against the famous Singdam Kiatmoo9.

Since arriving in Thailand Walter has had 24 fights and won 23. Walter recently became the WPMF World Champion and in July will fight in the final of an 8 man tournament for the 60kg Muay Thai Extreme belt.

On the first of June Walter won a breathtaking match that after three rounds of action was declared a draw. Walter dig deep in the last round in a classy display of Muay Thai to win against an opponent from the famous Samarat Payakaroon gym.

The future is bright for this young man and talks are beginning for more international matches and possible matches in Rajadernman Stadium.

This weekend Walter will fight for the MX Muay Extreme 60kg Championship belt. His opponent a hard hitting Mma fighter from USA. This will be a tough test.


Walter won by ko first round using a variety of kicks to great effect

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Sitsongpeenong Phuket has Thai fighters and a team of foreign fighters that are top level fighting the best Muay Thai fighters in Thailand.
This weekend Samingprai Sitsongpeenong Phuket (Russia) will fight on Channel 8 on Max Muay Thai promotions.
Samingprai means Tiger in Thai and this is a name given to him by the journalists in Thailand after some impressive Muay Thai fights and in 2017 winning the World Grind Prix in Hong Kong.
Samingprai has his eye on the prestigious Max Muay Thai gold belt. This weekend Samingprai will fight in a qualifier and when he shows his Muay Thai skills he hopes to win selection to fight for the Max Muay Thai silver belt.
Samingprai has two trainers helping him develop as a Muay Thai fighter. Penthai Singpatong and HanSuk, both are former Muay Thai Champions. These famous Muay Thai trainers both won Champion of Thailand belt, both held belts in two weight divisions at the famous Muay Thai Stadium Lumphine and both two times Champions of the Channel 7 belt and HanSuk also Champion of the the famous Rajadernman Stadium
Samingprai two years ago was searching for the best Muay Thai gym in Thailand and after trying a Muay Thai gym in Bangkok and a Couple Muay Thai gyms in Phuket decided to choose Sitsongpeenong. The quality of training, famous Muay Thai trainers beachside location and hands on manager Tim Fisher helped make his decision.
The training is structured, the trainers speak good English from overseas experience and most important there is a friendly vide in the gym.
All levels of athletes mix together outside the gym with fun activities and encourage each other to reach their goals. Some people come to loose weight, some to improve their Muay Thai skills, other to change their lifestyle or take a “time out” from their lifestyle at home. Everyone comes for different reasons but aside from reached their goals nobody wants to go home.
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Phoenix fighting Championship is a Global organization promoting Muay Thai and the Best Muay Thai fighters in the World.

Phoenix fighting Championship is a Global organization promoting Muay Thai and the Best Muay Thai fighters in the World.

The promotion has had shows in London and Dubai and this week promoted a Muay Thai show at Rajadernman Stadium the home of Muay Thai in Thailand.

A star studded line up was assembled for one of the biggest Muay Thai shows in Thailand. WBC World Titles, Phoenix World Titles and Rajadernman Stadium Championship belts.

Victor Conesa from Spain was due to fight Rajadernman Champion Sakmongkol but his opponent was changed on the day. Despite dominating the beginning for the fight Victor was hit with a very hard elbow which jaded him.

Victor lost the match against Thai Muay Thai star Torsilla but will return to action next week at another massive promotion Thai Fight. Victor will be matched against Pongsiri from PK Saengchai gym.

Phoenix fighting championships main event was an amazing fight that saw two of Thailand’s Best Muay Thai fighters put an an amazing show. The brutal strength and heart of Saeksan vs skill and power of Panpayak. Panpayak was the eventual winner of the match.

The star of the show and taking home three major belts to add to his collection was Youseff. Winning by tko after demonstrating why he’s one of the best fighters in the world.

Super heavy weight World Title was up for grabs with Steve Panda Banks and Yassine having an entertaining match with Yassine landing the Lions share of Muay Thai body kicks to win the big green belt and demonstrate that he’s the best Muay Thai fighter in the heaviest weight class.

Phoenix Championship was viewed all over the World bringing Muay Thai to the Middle East and beyond.

Sitsongpeenong and Phuket Top Team were the two Muay Thai gyms from Phuket that had Muay Thai fighters of the best level to compete in such an event.

WBC seems to be leading the field as far as sanctioning the biggest and Best Muay Thai fights in Thailand of the highest level.

The Sitsongpeenong team in Phuket has a star studded line up of trainers and also fighters.

Fighters include

Magnus (Sweden) 70kg

Patryk( Poland) 72kg

Deividas (Lithuania) 65kg

Tagir (Russia) 57kg

Salim (Russia) 70kg

Markus (Norway) 58kg

Walter (Brazil) 60kg

Steve (USA) 65kg

Victor (Spain) 65kg

Cruz (Australia) 67kg

AnutThailand) 55kg

Winnie (Thailand) 59kg

Penthai (Thailand) 55kg

More wins for Phuket’s Best Muay Thai camp

Once again the best fighters from around Thailand will class on MX Muay Extreme. After the best Muay Thai training camp in Phuket the fighters from Sitsongpeenong Phuket once again make the journey to Bangkok for MX Muay Extreme.

Fighters and Muay Thai lovers from around the world are attracted to the beautiful beach of Phuket and in search of the best Muay Thai gyms where to take their Muay Thai training to the next level.

17th November Cruz Briggs from Australia will fight in Phuket. Fresh from his historic victory in Australia winning yet another title Cruz is definitely a rising star on the international Muay Thai scene.

One the same nights three Muay Thai fighters from Sitsongpeenong Phuket will compete on Thailand famous MX Muay Extreme.

Azize Hilali from the Netherlands will battle against a Thai superstar from South Thailand in a class of styles. Azize will bring his Dutch style kickboxing style and attack the Thai fighter with hard punches and low kicks.

The Thai is very strong in the clinch and know doubt his tactics will be to use his Muay Thai clinch and knee style. The bout is the first in the 67kg tournament for Mx Muay Extreme.

The “white eagle” Patryk from Poland will be back in action. The Polish fighter has had a busy year with great success at Lumphine Stadium, Top King World Series and MX Muay Extreme. Notable victories over Kiat chai and Dawankan. Patryk is living full time in Thailand following a career in Muay Thai.

Sitsongpeenong in know throughout Thailand for is famous Muay Thai trainers and also having a famous fight team.

Norwegian Muay Thai fighter Markus Kalberg will make his debut on Mx Muay Extreme. Markus a Muay Thai champion in his own country is now living the dream fighting out of the best Muay Thai gym in Phuket,Sitsongpeenong.

Markus is excited about fighting with the smaller gloves and wants to make an impression on debut.

Results are in with Markus making an impressive debut winning on points in a tough battle.

Patryk remains undefeated at MX Muay Extreme have knocked out his opponent with a body punch in round one. Patryk leant back from a head kick and delivered a perfect body punch leaving his opponent on the canvas unable to continue.

Deividas Sitsongpeenong has also returned to MX Muay Extreme with a dazzling display of Muay Thai fight a war with Thai super star Saksaen. The result was a draw and a 10,000 bonus for fight of the night.

Sitsongpeenong Phuket has now cemented itself as having the best Muay Thai fight team in Phuket. The best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand can be found working hard at the Muay Thai gym located at Surin Beach.

Walter Goncalves from Brazil wins World Title for Sitsongpeenong with a stunning knockout

Muay Thai training in Phuket has been taken to new heights at Sitsongpeenong this month.

After winning the wpmf world championship belt Walter Goncalves from Brazil will be competing for the MX Muay Extreme 60kg belt.

Walter is one of the most talented foreign fighters in Thailand already making a big name for himself. Walters career has blossomed from the Best Muay Thai gym in Phuket and the Best Muay Thai training.

Locally in Phuket boxing stadium Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai fighters won 5 fights from 4 matches with Lucas (Sweden), Diego (Brazil), Teelek (Thailand), Farsahan (Thailand) all winning there Muay Thai fights in Phuket.

Mx Muay Thai Extreme 70kg Champion will be back in action in Bangkok on 18/5 Magnus Andersson from Sweden has become a huge crowd favorite at Mx beating a number of former champions already.

Magnus is trained by Sagadphet who is know as one of the best Muay Thai coaches in the World.

Sagadphet held Championship belts in both Lumphine and Rajadernman stadium. Sitsongpeenong has a structured training system so beginners can learn Muay Thai as well as intermediates and pros making progression.

Brazilian model Gracie Carvalho who recently featured in Vogue magazine and Victoria’s Secret is back training with us again. Like many women Gracie loves Muay Thai for the fitness benefits and enjoys learning the new skills for confidence and self defense.

26/5 Deividas with fight Muay Thai superstar Pongsiri Pk Saenchai gym at the Top King World Series.

NEWS Chadd “Shark” Collins: Farang Fighter Of The Moment

This past Monday, fans around the world witnessed the shocking KO of Singdam at YOKKAO 25 in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, back in Thailand, fans of the Muay Thai stadium circuit were treated with an equally startling KO. ‘Farang’ fighter Chadd Collins celebrated his win over Sakmongkol Sor Sommai via a left elbow strike that left the latter stretchered out.

In a bid to keep up with the times and attract more crowds, more and more foreign fighters have transitioned into the predominantly Thai scene of stadium Muay Thai promotions. Some of the well-known ‘farangs’ to have made a name in Lumpinee and Rajadamnern in the past include Ramon Dekkers, Jean Charles Skarbowsky, and Damien Alamos. This year in June, French fighter Rafi Bohic made history by winning the Lumpinee Stadium Welterweight belt after defeating top seed fighter, Pongsiri PKSaenchaiGym.

Chadd Collins is another ‘farang’ fighter making a name for himself in the Thailand fight scene. The Aussie has proven his place in the native land of Muay Thai, having held up against the best in the country. The Thais know him by the name of Chad Thor. Saengtiannoi, a fighter name he has adopted for the stadium in respect of his trainer. He has been slowly moving up the ranks of the sport, fighting in numerous promotions such as MX MUAY XTREME and Thai Fight where he faced Muay Thai stars Pakorn and Saenchai. The results were a win and a loss respectively. In his fight against Saenchai, Chadd adopted an aggressive forward-moving strategy that resulted in one of the most evenly-matched fights the legend has seen in a while.

This year, Chadd has also crossed fists with several Thai fighters in the ring of Rajadamnern Stadium (Sor Sommai promotions), which in itself is a highest honor of the sport. A month ago in August, he faced and won via decision over a respectable figure in the current Muay Thai circle, Seksun Or.Kwanmuang. His latest win brings him up the rankings and at this rate, he might soon have a shot at a Championship belt in the prestigious stadium.

Muay Thai Training in Phuket and Thailand news

This weekend we will travel across Thailand from our Phuket gym to Bangkok and then up to Issan in the North East of Thailand.

Issan is home to many Muay Thai super stars the area in the North East of Thailand has long been a breeding ground for Muay Thai champions.

Young boys fight often in Issan, sometimes every week. This is so they gain skills and experience that will help them progress to one of the bigger gyms in Bangkok where it’s possible to win a higher purse.

The Top King World Series show cases Muay Thai talent from all over the world and is watched by millions of Muay Thai fans from around the world.

Today’s journey will consist of flights to Bangkok and then a flight to Khonkean one of the regional centers in Issan.

Magnus Andersson, Sweden’s most famous fighter of recent times and Champion of the 70kg class of MX Muay Extreme will be representing Sitsongpeenong on the show.

Magnus has been based in Thailand for two years and is based out of the Sitsongpeenong gym in Phuket famous for having the best trainers in Phuket and producing three World Champions in time since it begun.

Sitsongpeenong attracts Muay Thai athletes of all levels. Some people trying Muay Thai for the first time looking for the best beginners Muay Thai program in Phuket.

Others already training Muay Thai in their own country look to learn more and improve their skills with the thought of training for fun and self defence or perhaps one day competing in a Muay Thai competition.

Magnus opponent is from the famous pk Saenchai gym in Bangkok one of the best gyms in Thailand and home of many top fighters in Thailand.

Chammongtong is famous for his knee fighting skills and is one of the best in the world for Muay Thai knees.

Magnus is trained by Muay Thai Superstar Sagadphet who himself was a multiply Champion winning titles at Lumphine Stadium and Rajadernman as well as winning the Champion of Thailand belt.

When choosing the best Muay Thai gym for technique and training people usually look at the trainers. Sitsongpeenon boasts the finest trainers in Thailand with many superstars amongst the ranks.

Magnus lost on points to the current Rajadernman Champion in a fantastic fight Magnus again showing why he is one of the best Muay Thai fighters training in Phuket.

Magnus is proud to be part of Sitsongpeenong legacy as the Best Muay Thai gym in Phuket.

Muay Thai training Phuket news

March was another busy gym for Sitsongpeenong Phuket. We had visitors from all over the world and our fighters fought all over the World.

Our fight team had fights in Russia, Uk, China and Thailand against some of the best fighters in the World.

Markus Kalberg had a great fight against Thai superstar Petdum Petchyindee. Petdum is Lumphine Stadium Champion and Champion of Thailand. These warriors fought on the Top King World Series viewed by millions of Muay Thai fans throughout the world.

Deividas Dayana coming back from injured fought Thailand’s Simanut and produced a great performance in probably the most exciting fight of the night.

These guys are based full time in Phuket fighting for the best Muay Thai camp in Phuket Sitsongpeenong.

Magnus Andersson lost a sea-sawing fight with Russian superstar Artem Pashporin who is also one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world and kunlun veteran.

Locally we had 5 boys fight on the same night with one winning on points and the other 4 by knockout out. It was an outstanding display and testament the the Best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand working at Sitsongpeenong.

Our Muay Thai beginners classes were busy and the guys were very busy with private one on one Muay Thai lessons.

Muay Thai training down at Bangtao beach followed by a game of beach football and a bbq is how the month ended.

Next we look forward to April and Songlarn celebrations as well as another month of yoga, Mx fit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Muay Thai training in Phuket.

Muay Thai training in Phuket April news

Walter Goncalves from Brazil started April with another impressive victory.

Winning the WPMF World Title by knockout in the second round with a fantastic display of Muay Thai.

Walter caught his opponents kick and then kicked his opponents head knocking him out cold.

Rising Muay Thai Star SalimKhan Sitsongpeenong from Russia won two fights in the same night to win the WMC World Championship belt in Hong Kong.

Thai New Year festivities take place in April with the Songlarn water festival. All the customers at the gym enjoyed a bbq and many water games.

17 year old Winny Sitsongpeenong made his tv debut fighting in Pattaya on Champions Muay Thai. After dropping his opponent twice in the second round Winnie won by TKO in the third round when his opponent was unable to continue due to Powerful knee strikes from Winny.

Phuket Muay Thai training news

Other busy weekend for the Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai team. Two wins already for our two fighters from the Ukraine and next Walter Gongcalves from Brazil will make his debut on Mx Muay Extreme. Walter joined Sitsongpeenongs fight team to get the best Muay Thai training in Phuket and be part of the most active fight team in Phuket.

Walter has had good preparation for this fight training with Sagadphet. Sagadphet himself was a Muay Thai superstar of the Golden era beating Singdam Kiatmoo9 in a classic battle to win the Lumphine Stadium belt. This is one of the hardest belts to win in Thailand.

Sagadphet was one of the few Muay Thai fighters with will belts in both Lumphine Stadium and Rajadernman Stadium as well as being Champion of Thailand.

Sagadphet has gone on to become the best Muay Thai coach in Thailand training many champions both Thai and foreign athletes.

Walter is just 19 years old and already made many professional fights loosing just three times in his career.

Tomorrow Walter will fight Manachai Den Udon a big name fighter from Thailand. Walter is excited about the challenge and the prospect of fighting live on tv on channel One29.

Mx Champion 70kg Magnus Andersson is traveling to Russia this week to fight Kunlun Star Artem Poshiporn. Artem also trains at Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai gym in Phuket when he’s in Thailand and is friends with Magnus.

Friendships will be put aside for the five round Muay Thai battle and then I’m sure the boys will celebrate their battle together after the match.

Our yoga and mobility classes are growing week by week with people noticing the benefits of yoga for health and well being as well as athletic performance.

At Sitsongpeenong beginners and kids are welcome as well as fighters of all levels.

Mx fit classes improve our athletes strength and mobility and everyone has noticed the improvements since we started these classes.

Our new budget accommodation has just been completed so those people looking to stay and train have more choices to suit there budgets. The rooms are onsite at the gym 200 meters from one of Phuket s most beautiful beaches.

Bangtao is a long beautiful beach and is a great place to relax between training.

More upcoming matches:

Samingprai Sitsongpeenong the Russian Assassin will fight on Max Muay Thai where he will attempt to continue his 7 fight winning street, 6 of these have been by knock out.

Lithuanian fighter Deividas back from injury will fight Muay Thai star Simannut on the Top King World Series and Markus Kalberg from Norway will also fight on Top King vs Muay Thai star Petchdum Petchyindee.

Victor Conesa will fight Pongsiri PK Saenchai Gym on Thai Fight which will prove to be an exciting match.

Salimkhan will travel to Hong Kong in pursuit of a WMC World grand prix belt in April.

Sitsongpeenong provides personal training and private lessons in Muay Thai, Yoga, Boxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

A family run business the atmosphere is positive and people of all levels are welcome.

Artem Levin trains at Sitsongpeenong Phuket

  • GLORY 21 Middleweight Champion
  • GLORY 17 Middleweight Champion
  • WBC Muay Thai World Champion
  • It’s Showtime World Champion
  • WMC European Champion

Artem Levin is ranked #1 in the world at middleweight, having beaten most of the division’s upper-tier fighters at least once over the course of his career. The highly-decorated Levin is one of the sport’s most unique fighters.

He comes from a small town in the Russian outback. The place is famous for its extensive coal-mining operation and little else, but it has also produced a hugely successful Kuzbass Muay Thai team of which Levin is the star player.

Levin says he started training as a youth in order to protect himself from bullying. It turned out that he was a special talent. His style is based on impeccable timing, hard shots from odd angles and lots of showboating. His evasive defense work has seen him likened to Floyd Mayweather Jr.