Current Champion of Thailand

Current Champion of Thailand Sitsongpeenong Muaythai Camp preparing for a big fight in Italy on 4th. The Master PiPah Sitsongpeenong Phuket Muay Thai will be in his corner. Tactics win fights..

Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp Review

Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp is a Professional Muay Thai Fighters Camp meaning it makes most of it’s money from it’s Thai Fighters winnings. It is owned by a half Thai, half Australian gentleman named Tim who speaks perfect English and Thai.

Sitsongpeenong is a relatively new Muay Thai Camp (less than 1 year old) in Thailand but it is gaining fast notoriety in Thailand for producing top fighters. One of the main reasons for this is Tim (the owner, who used to be the manager of Fairtex) brought two of the top trainers in Thailand (Ajarn Monlit and Ajarn Leam) to head the training and… he is constantly recruiting young fighters from all over Thailand who have a lot of heart, who will train hard and love fighting. The kids he has at this camp are truly talented and will one day be the future champions of Muay Thai in Thailand.

They currently have 9 young fighters in their stable with their most notable obviously being Kem Sitsongpeenong (formerly Kem Fairtex). But they have a strong group of up and coming champions such as Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong, Jomhod Sitsongpeenong (Most exciting Young Thai Fighter in Thailand to watch), Tewarith Sitsongpeenong (Sitthichai’s Younger Brother) and Dechsakda Sitsongpeenong (who is fighting for the Thailand Championship Title this friday)

Everything about Sitsongpeenong is professional; from the facility, to the owner, to the trainers, to the fighters, to the food they serve you and to the staff that maintain the facilities. Sitsongpeenong is centrally located in Bangkok in a semi private well to do residential estate area. Because it is in a more well to do residential area of Bangkok you are away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok life such as; the sounds of traffic, smog and all the noise associated with city life. But you are just a cheap taxi drive or bicycle ride away from anything you could want.

The facility is a 3 story building. The training area is on the second floor, the Thai Fighters Dorms are on the 3rd floor and on the 1st floor is the kitchen, dining room, foreigners dorms, trainers dorms and the pool table room.

Sitsongpeenong’s Facility is a modern, super very clean (I am trying to stress how clean this facility is compared to other camps) facility. It includes…
– 2 Full Size Boxing Rings
– 6 Trainers (All of whom, when combined have produced more than 20 Lumpinee, Thailand and Rajadamnerm Champions)
– 10 Punching Bags with a Fully Matted Floor
– Full Weight Set
– 3 Chin Up Bars,
– Plenty of Gloves and Shinguards (to use if you don’t have any)
– Purified Water System
– 10 Dorm Rooms for Foreigners
– Pool Table
– Full Kitchen

When you stay at Sitsongpeenong you have two choices in rooms, you can either pay for your own room or you can share a room, and if you stay for an extended period of time you will receive a discount. Whichever option you choose your fees include 2 group training sessions per day and 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner). Depending on how many foreigners are at the camp at the time will determine if they offer a buffet style meal or individual plate style meal. Either way you are fed plenty of great tasting fresh cooked food, albeit sometimes weird combinations (by western standards) especially for breakfast. Like today for breakfast they had eggs, bacon, sausages, fried chicken, rice, soup and some sort of shrimp dish. Also, there is plenty of fresh fruit.

If you are a professional or complete beginner at Muay Thai, Sitsongpeenong is the perfect place to learn and train Muay Thai in Thailand. They will train with you at your level. The only person who might not benefit from Sitsongpeenong would be a Professional Heavy Weight Fighter over 200 pounds, as there are no Thai’s over 160 pounds here to spar with. But if you are 200 pounds or less and need to spar with someone then you can do that with Kem who will give you all you can take. But if sparring is not important to you than it doesn’t matter.

I would highly recommend Sitsongpeenong, if you are looking for World Class Muay Thai Training at the cleanest Muay Thai Camp I have seen in Thailand so far. But if you are looking to party, want to train at an old dirty camp or just want to hang out then this camp will not be right for you. I hope this helps!

Overall Grade – A++