Enjoy you first Muay Thai lesson in Phuket Thailand

POSTED ON July 3, 2018 BY Sitsongpeenong

Many people travel to Thailand every year looking for the best Muay Thai gym in Phuket, trying to research online to see who has the best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand or which gym in Phuket is best suited for beginners classes.
Without a doubt Sitsongpeenong is on the tip of the tongue for those in the know about Muay Thai or following the success of the gyms fighters both at home and abroad.

Some people are a little daunted thinking the training maybe too hardcore because their fitness isn’t up to the same level as the elite fighters.

Luckily the Muay Thai program in Phuket is also suitable for beginners. The beginners receive special attention and in the afternoon sessions the beginners train later than the pros so they have the gym and the superstar trainers to themselves.

Sitsongpeenong Phuket has a fine selection of Muay Thai superstars working as trainers and an important factor is that they all have overseas working experience. Not only do they have fantastic Muay Thai skills and experience but they have experience teaching groups, kids, girls only classes overseas.

This experience helps the understand your needs and helps you enjoy your Muay Thai training in Phuket. When a Muay Thai trainer understands what your goals are then the training can be fun without being too grueling.

It’s fine for professional fighters to train like machines for two or three hours but the average person on a holiday wanting to get a few Muay Thai lessons is looking for a more technical Muay Thai class in Phuket or other parts of Thailand.

Phuket has beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Many people love to relax amongst the palm trees, swim and snorkel at the beach.

Other holiday makers are seeking adventure, looking for the best Muay Thai gyms in Phuket, go carting, wake boarding, elephant tours and the tiger kingdom.

Day trips are available to neighboring islands as well such as kao lak, Krabi and phangna bay.

What can you expect from trying Muay Thai training for the first time in Thailand ?

Firstly is going to be hot, forget about the nice air conditioned health club at home. So bring a big bottle of water because you will need it.

There will be of course people of varying ages who all look like they have been training Muay Thai for years. All of these people were once beginners and are usually happy to help you with a few tips or advice.

The Muay Thai coaches in Thailand are usually ex fighters who have gone on to coach Muay Thai.

If you find a good one then usually he will start with the basic fundamentals of Muay Thai.

Once you have a grasp on these you can expect to learn some more advanced techniques. Don’t be surprised if you spend a lot of time do the basics.

Like any sport the basic fundamentals are practiced everyday.

Muay Thai has a variety of punches, kicks, knees and elbows so it’s fun to learn and a lifetime of learning is ahead of you.

Enjoy Muay Thai with the best Muay Thai coaches in thailand at Sitsongpeenong Phuket at beautiful Surin Beach.