Russian Champion Salim training Muay Thai at Surin Beach Phuket

POSTED ON July 3, 2018 BY Sitsongpeenong

Salimkhan the young nak Muay from Russian announced himself in style with an amazing ko win at MX Muay Extreme.

The young Russian fighter is part of the Sitsongpeenong Phuket fight team that is making waves in Thailand and abroad.
The Bangkok Sitsongpeenong team has had huge success with the rise of Sitthichai as the top k1 fighter in the world dominating both Glory kickboxing, Kunlun and WLF.
Phuket Sitsongpeenong with locations in both Bangtao and Surin Beach has had huge success since opening four years ago.
Magnus Andersson for Sweden has developed into a world class fighter recently capturing the MX Muay Extreme 70kg Championship belt.
Salimkhan is a young man chasing the dream of becoming 67kg Mx Muay Extreme Champion. Salim has made Phuket his home and chosen Sitsongpeenong as his gym because of the quality of the Muay Thai training.
Sitsongpeenong has both a beginners and fighters program so everyone is welcome. Salim was introduced to the Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai team by his friend Tagir know in Thailand as Samingprai Sitsongpeenong. Samingprai is on a hot winning streak knocking out his last five opponents on big shows on Thai TV.
Salim not only loves the Muay Thai training in Phuket but the beach lifestyle and the fact that he has made so many new friends. Salim is learning more English for the other boys in the team and teaching the boys from other countries about Russian and Russian culture.
Phuket attracts Muay Thai lovers from around the world of all different levels looking to enjoy Thai culture, great food, beautiful beaches and the best Muay Thai gyms in Phuket.
Some people are looking for things to do in Phuket and stumble across Muay Thai training, yoga and Mx Fit and love the experience.
Others plan their Muay Thai holiday or training trip well before they arrive with the plan to detox, reset themselves and have a break from their hectic lifestyle.
Good luck to Salim and his dream to becoming a Muay Thai champion in Thailand. He is certainly focused and a young fighter to be watched in the future.
Salim is fighting former Rajadernman Champion Noppakit on Mx Muay Extreme. This will be his toughest test to date.
Salim is trained by Yodvisanu himself a former Muay Thai champion that is know worldwide as one of the best Muay Thai trainers. Yodvisanu trained k1 champion Masaaki Nori in Japan and has worked with some of the world best mma and Muay Thai fighters.
Yodvisanu is available to teach Thaiboxing private lessons to people of all levels on holidays in Phuket.
Many people on holidays like to try Muay Thai for the first time as well as people traveling to Thailand for fitness holidays or to improve their Muay Thai skills.
People coming to Thailand for a holiday are lucky to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Surin Beach and Bangtao beach have beautiful clear water and white sandy beaches. Sitsongpeenong has Muay Thai classes for beginners in Phuket as well as yoga and Mx Fit.