World champion Walter Goncalves wins Mx Muay Extreme Championship

POSTED ON July 3, 2018 BY Sitsongpeenong

Walter Goncalves is a young man from Brazil that is fast becoming a household name in Thailand.

Walter the son of a Muay Thai trainer in Brazil has been training Muay Thai since he could walk. After finishing school Walter moved to Thailand with the dream of becoming one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world.

After trying some other camps Walter has decided Sitsongpeenong Phuket has the best Muay Thai training to help him reach the next level.

Walter is trained by a number of trainers at Sitsongpeenong but his mentor and main trainer is Sagadphet.

Sagadphet is one of the best Muay Thai trainers in Thailand and sort after all over the world for training seminars.

Sagadphet himself was a Muay Thai superstar having won both Lumphine and Rajadernman Stadium belts. Winning the Lumphine championship twice, once against the famous Singdam Kiatmoo9.

Since arriving in Thailand Walter has had 24 fights and won 23. Walter recently became the WPMF World Champion and in July will fight in the final of an 8 man tournament for the 60kg Muay Thai Extreme belt.

On the first of June Walter won a breathtaking match that after three rounds of action was declared a draw. Walter dig deep in the last round in a classy display of Muay Thai to win against an opponent from the famous Samarat Payakaroon gym.

The future is bright for this young man and talks are beginning for more international matches and possible matches in Rajadernman Stadium.

This weekend Walter will fight for the MX Muay Extreme 60kg Championship belt. His opponent a hard hitting Mma fighter from USA. This will be a tough test.


Walter won by ko first round using a variety of kicks to great effect