Manaowan Sitsongpeenong

Fighter Name: Manaowan Sitsongpeenong

Real Name: Nopparat Pirkratok Nick Name: Nao

Date of Birth: 27 Sep 1996 Age: 21

Home Province: Sa Kaew

Normal Wt.: 166lbs (76kg)

Fight Wt.: 154 – 156lbs (70kg – 71kg)

Height: 5’ 8” (173cm)

Started Fighting: 12 years old

Fight Records: 102 Fights – 71 Wins – 29 Losses – 2 Draws


Former: – The Champions Muaythai 4-Man Tournament Champion @70kg, 2016
Former: – Rajadamnern Stadium Welterweight Champion (147lbs), 2016
Former: – WBC Muaythai Welterweight World Champion (147lbs), 2017

Current Ranking:
No.10 – WBC Muaythai at Super Welterweight (154lbs), Feb 2018

Video Highlights:

2018 Fight Record:
Mar 17Pakaow Dabpong 191, (70kg),Win 3 Rounds
Yodkunphon Sitmonchai, (70kg),Loss 3 Rounds
* Top King World Series 4-Man Tournament @70kg
Apr 27TBA, (70kg)
2017 Fight Record:
Wins WBC Muaythai Welterweight World Champion @147lbs
Jan 28Morgan Adrar (FRA), (147lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Lose Rajadamnern Stadium Welterweight Championship @147lbs
Feb 23Fabio Pinca (FRA), (147lbs)Loss 5 Rounds
Apr 01Petchtanong Banchamek, (67kg)Loss 3 Rounds
May 13Ilias Bulaid (NED), (67kg)Loss KO1 Rounds
Sep 22Gokhon Boran (TUR), (70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Dec 06Sokraow Petchyindee Academy, (159lbs),Loss 5 Rounds
2016 Fight Record:
Wins The Champion Muaythai 4-Man Tournament @70kg
Mar 30Mangkornpetch S. Kiatwat, (147lbs) Loss 5 Rounds
Mar 05Teetong P. Rungsawat, (70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Mar 05Choke Eminent Air, (70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Wins Rajadamnern Stadium Welterweight Championship @147lbs
Apr 24Greg Petchsaman (FRA), (67kg)Win TKO2 Rounds
May 27Aziz Hlali (FRA), (147lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Toyota Revo 8-Man Tournament @70kg
Jun 24Thibaut (FRA), (70kg)Win TKO2 Rounds
Jun 24Dejlit Poptheeratham, (70kg)Loss KO1 Round
Aug 07Omer Luktapfah (TUR), (68kg)Win 3 Rounds
Oct 22Dylan Salvador (FRA), (68kg)Loss 3 Rounds
Dec 27Liu Xiangming (CHN), (66kg)Loss 3 Rounds