Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong

Fighter Name: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong (The Killer Kid)

Real Name: Anulak Jansuk Nick Name: May

Date of Birth: 23 September, 1991 Age: 26

Home Province: Buriram

Normal Wt.: 162lbs (73.5kg)

Fight Wt.: 154 – 156lbs (70 – 71kg)

Height: 5’ 8” (174cm)

Started Fighting: 11 years old

Fight Records: 154 Fights – 119 Wins – 30 Losses – 5 Draws (32 KO’s)


– 2015 Combat Press Kickboxing Awards – Fighter of the Year
– 2015 Sports Writers Association of Thailand – International Muaythai Ambassador
– 2014 BoxeMag Best International Fighter of the Year

– YiLong Challenge Tournament Champion 2017, (71kg)
– GLORY 28 Lightweight Contender Tournament Champion, 2016 (70kg)
– Kunlun Fight 2016 World Championship Top 16 Qualifier 4-Man Tournament (70kg)
– Fight League – Grand Prix 8-Man Tournament Champion, 2015 (70kg)
– GLORY 22 Lightweight Contender Tournament Champion, 2015 (70kg)
– Kunlun Fight World Max Middleweight 4-Man Tournament Champion, 2015 @70kg
– Lumpinee Stadium Welterweight Champion, 2014 (147lbs)
– Nuit Des Champions 4-Man Tournament Champion, 2014 (K-1 rules @70kg)
– Toyota Vigo 8-Man Tournament Champion, 2013 (70kg)
– Champions Club “1 – King” 4-Man Tournament Champion, 2013 (70kg)
– Toyota 8-Man Tournament Champion, 2012 (67kg)
– Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Champion, 2012 (147lbs)
– Nuit Des Titans 4-Man Tournament Champion, 2010 (63.5kg)

– GLORY Lightweight World Champion (70kg)
– WLF (Wu Lin Feng) World Champion (71kg)

Current Ranking:
– #1. Combat Press Kickboxing at Lightweight (70kg) – Jan 2018
– #1. Combat Press Pound for Pound – Jan 2018
– #1. Fighting World (China) at 70kg – Jan 2018

Video Highlights:

2018 Fight Record:
16 FebChristian Bayar (NED), (GLORY - 70kg),Win 5 Rounds
* Sitthichai - Glory Lightweight Championship Title Defence @70kg
2017 Fight Record:
Glory Lightweight Championship Title Defence @70kg
18 MarDylan Salvador (FRA), (GLORY RULES - 70kg)Win KO4 Rounds
01 JulHassan Toy (NED), (WLF - 70kg)Win 5 Rounds
02 SepEnriko Kehl (GER), (WLF - 71kg)Win 5 Rounds
* Final YiLong Challenge Tournament @71kg
07 OctDzhabar Askerov (RUS), (WLF - 71kg),Win 3 Rounds
* Wins Final YiLong Challenge Tournament @71kg
04 NovYiLong (CHN), (WLF - 71 kg),Win KO2 Rounds
* Wins WLF (Wu Lin Feng) World Championship @71kg
09 Dec
2016 Fight Record:
Wins Kunlun Fight Middleweight World MAX 16-Man Tournament @70kg
23 JanSuperbon Banchamek, (Kunlun Rules - 70kg) Win KO2 Rounds
23 JanEnriko Gogokhia (UKR), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win 4 Rounds
Wins GLORY 28 Lightweight Contender Tournament @70kg
Mar 12Davit Kiria (GEO), (Glory Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Mar 12Marat Grigorian (BEL), (Glory Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Wins Kunlun Fight 2016 World Champpionship TOP 16 Qualifier 4-Man Tournament @70kg
Apr 24Walid Hamed (MOR), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win TKO2 Rounds
Apr 24Mohamed Mezouari (NED), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win 4 Rounds
Wins Glory Lightweight Championship Title @70kg
Jun 25Robin Van Roosmalen (NED), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win 5 Rounds
Glory Lightweight Championship Title Defence @70kg
Aug 20Diogo Neves (PRT), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Sep 24Superbon Banchamek, (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Loss 3 Rounds
Dec 10Marat Grigorian, (Glory Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
2015 Fight Record:
Wins GLORY 22 Lightweight Contender Tournament @154lbs
Jan 24Murthel Groenhart (NED), (K-1 Rules - 70KG)Win KO3 Rounds
Jan 24Andy Souwer (NED), (K-1 Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Feb 07Crice Bousoukou (FRA), (70kg)Win 5 Rounds
May 02Dylan Salvador (FRA), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Loss 3 Rounds
Jun 05Davit Kiria (GEO), (Glory Rules - 70kg)Win KO2 Rounds
Jun 05Josh Jauncey (CAN), (Glory Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Wins Fight League - Grand Prix 8-Man Tournament @70kg
Aug 08Emad Kedyaer (IRQ), (K-1 Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Aug 08Walid Hamed (MOR), (K-1 Rules - 70kg)Win TKO1 Round
Aug 08Yassin Baitar (BEL), (K-1 Rules - 70kg))Win KO2 Rounds
For Glory Lightweight Championship Title @70kg
Sep 28Jonay Risco (ESP), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Nov 06Robin Van Roosmalen (NED), (Glory Rules - 70kg)Loss 5 Rounds
Dec 19Marat Grigorian (BEL), (Kunlun Rules - 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
2014 Fight Record:
Defends Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Championship Title (147lbs)
Wins Vacant Lumpinee Welterweight Championship Title (147lbs)
Jan 03Wanchalerm Auddonmuang, (145lbs)Win 3 Rounds
Jan 25Chingis Allazov (RUS), (Fight Code Rules Ð 70kg)Win 4 Rounds
Apr 05Mohamed Khamal (NED), (K-1 Rules Ð 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Jun 15Johan Fauveau (FRA), (70kg)Win KO2 Rounds
Jul 06Batyr Ruskorgoloev (RUS), (70kg)Win KO2 Rounds
Oct 28Maruay Sitjaepond, (145/147lbs)Win TKO4 Rounds
Wins ''Nuit Des Champions'' 4-Man Tournament (K-1 rules @70kg)
Nov 22Abdullah Mabel (FRA), (K-1 Rules Ð 70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Nov 22Abdellah Ezbiri (FRA), (K-1 Rules Ð 70kg)Win TKO2 Rounds
Dec 13Dylan Salvador (FRA), (K-1 Rules Ð 68kg)Win 3 Rounds
2013 Fight Record:
Wins ''1 - Kin'' 4-Man Tournament (70kg)
Jan 05Sen Bun Then (CMB), (70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Jan 05Puengluang Sitpupantu, (70kg)Win KO1 Rounds
Wins Toyota Vigo 8-Man Tournament (70kg)
Jan 25Petchasawin Seatransferry, (70kg)Win KO2 Rounds
Feb 14Fabio Pinca (FRA), (67.5kg)Win 5 Rounds
Mar 29Petchsanguan S. Yupinda, (70kg)Win KO1 Round
Mar 29Petchmankong Gaiyang 5 Daow Gym, (70kg)Win KO1 Rounds
Mar 29Puengluang Sitpupantu, (70kg)Win KO1 Rounds
Defends Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Championship (147lbs)
Apr 20Enrike Gogokhia (UKR), (Fight Code Rules Ð 70kg)Loss 3 Rounds
Jun 29Juri Kehl (GER), (70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Aug 10Jordan Watson (UK), (70kg)Win 3 Rounds
Sep 07Mickael Piscitello (FRA), (70kg)Win KO2 Rounds
Nov 23Dechlit Poptheeratham, (147lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Dec 14Kym Johnson (AUS), (70kg)Win 5 Rounds
2012 Fight Record:
Wins Toyota 8-Man Tournament (67kg)
Jan 31Sirimongkol Sitanupap, (147lbs)Win TKO4 Rounds
Apr 24Petchasawin Seatransferry, (146lbs)Win 5 Rounds
May 31Leonard Ngaga (KEN), (67kg)Win 3 Rounds
May 31Leo Montiero (BRA), (67kg)Win 3 Rounds
May 31Pich Seiha (CMB), (67kg)Win 3 Rounds
Wins vacant Thailand (PAT) Welterweight Championship (147lbs)
Jun 24Crice Boussoukou (FRA), (65kg)Win 3 Rounds
Jul 31Kamlaipetch S. Somnuek, (71kg)Win 4 Rounds
Aug 31Prakaysaeng Gaiyang 5 Daow, (148lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Sept 25Petchmankong Gaiyang 5 Daow, (147lbs)Win 5 Rounds
2011 Fight Record:
Eakpracha Ð WMC Welterweight World Champion (147lbs)
Jan 13Eakpracha Meenayothin, (145lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Final Fuktien Group Tournament (144 Ð 146lbs)
Feb 04Petchmankong Gaiyang 5 Daow (143lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Mar 12Songniyom Pumphanmuang, (144lbs)Draw
Apr 16Singhmanee Kaewsamrith, (144lbs)Win 5 Rounds
May 14Ikuysang K. Rungthanakiat, (144lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Jun 18Samranchai 96 Peenang, (144lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Jul 23Ikuysang K. Rungthanakiat, (145lbs)Loss TKO5 Rounds
Dec 07Fares Bechar (FRA), (68kg)Win TKO4 Rounds
2010 Fight Record:
Wins ''Nuit Des Titans'' 4-Man Tournament (63.5kg)
Jan 30Fabio Pinca (FRA), (140lbs)Win 4 Rounds
Jan 30Anuwat Kaewsamrith, (140lbs)Win 3 Rounds
Wins ''Nuit Des Titans'' 4-Man Tournament (63.5kg)
Mar 12Panpetch Ch. N. Patalung (130lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Jun 01Pansak Look BK, (134lbs)Loss 5 Rounds
Jul 16Aranchai Kiatpatarapan, (134lbs)Win KO3 Rounds
Aug 03Pansak Look BK, (140lbs)Loss 5 Rounds
Aug 31Tuantong Pumphanmuang, (135lbs)Draw
Sep 24Tuantong Pumphanmuang, (136lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Oct 27Buckjoe Kiatchuthai, (64kg/141lbs)Loss 5 Rounds
Nov 26Damien Alamos (FRA), (64kg/141lbs)Win 5 Rounds
2009 Fight Record:
Feb 24Petchaiyapum Bangkok2007, (124lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Mar 21Petchaiyapum Bangkok2007, (126lbs)Win 5 Rounds
May 15Virayuthlek Himalaigym, (128lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Jun 12Payasua Gardenseaview, (126lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Jul 24Wansotsai Sitjor, (127lbs)Win TKO3 Rounds
Aug 18F16 PKP Rachanont, (127lbs)Loss 5 Rounds
Oct 06Attachai Longbeachgarden, (128lbs)Loss 5 Rounds
Nov 13Attachai Longbeachgarden, (128lbs)Win TKO4 Rounds
Dec 04Jaenrop Sakhomsil (127lbs)Win 5 Rounds
Dec 24Yodtuantong Veeramanokul, (132lbs)Loss 3 Rounds